“Personal structures”

Exhibition organised by the

Italien Cultural Center

during the Biennale of Venice.

From 23rd April until 27th November 2022

Simone Monney

presents her project “Metamorphose” in Palazzo Bembo.

With this project entitled “metamorphosis” Simone would like to initiate an intuitive journey that awakens immediate sensations such as memories, magical places in nature, positive emotions, well-being, etc. This multisensory project stimulates the viewer to experience the perception of the senses combined with art. Simone professional background and knowledge in the perfume industry initiated the idea to create a perfume inspired by her artworks.This fragrance creation impacts the viewer in a unique manner which will strengthen the perception of her artworks.Simone has chosen butterflies for her olfactory installation as they represent the symbol of change. In some cultures, they act as guides and messengers of the gods. Watching butterflies dance in the air or fly from flower to flower has always been exquisite. They possess such an enchanting presence that they never fail to lighten anyone’s mood. Butterflies represent a sort of spiritual rebirth. They initiate creativity and joy.The search for existential wholeness has been reinforced during this period of the pandemic. Going back to nature, which brings us back to childhood through primary senses like smell, touch, feel and see.